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Using the Sport Mode Feature

The seventh screen is the sports mode screen and is the part of your watch where it works like a fully operational sports / athletic smart watch.

It has the capacity to monitor individual activities including walking, running, cycling, hiking, soccer and basketball.

To activate any of these modes navigate to the Sports Mode screen and then hold down the silver button for two seconds.  You can then navigate to the activity you want to track by tapping the silver button.  When you are on the screen of the right activity, hold the silver button down for two seconds and the device will show you a Green Start button.  Tap the silver button to activate.

To stop the monitoring ( and save battery power ) return to the same screen and hold down the silver button again.  A pause button will come up and you can stop the test.   A screen will come up with a picture of a computer disk and a trash can.  To save your workout, tap the button to the disk is highlighted and then hold down the button for two seconds.  To discard the workout information, select the trashcan and hold down for two seconds.

When you save your data it will be sent to the app on your smart phone.

To exit this screen, tap the silver button until you get to the return screen, then hold the silver button down for two seconds and you will be returned to the screen from which you just came.

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