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Using the Heart Rate Variability Testing Application.

The fourth screen on your watch is the HRV or Heart Rate Variability mode which is designed to measure the regularity of your heart beat in a 60 second test period.

To find the guide on all of the screens on your watch and how to access the HRV test screen – please click here.

Keep in mind that even if your heart beats 60 times in 60 seconds – it does not mean that it is beating at one beat per second.  In fact it may beat a few times quickly, and then only once in the next two seconds.  This is called Heart Rate Variability and will show your current state of arrhythmia.

To access this feature, navigate to the screen that says HRV and hold your finger down on the silver button for two seconds.  This will launch the HRV application.  This application works by measuring your electronic EKG pattern as well as your pulse to determine the variability in your heart beat pattern.  While the test is taking place you can see the red graph meter on the screen of your device showing you the gaps between heart beats.   Once the test is completed, it will provide you a detailed readout on the screen ( which is very small and is best viewed in the app )

If you tap the silver button while on this first report screen – it will take you a second screen where it will show you your levels for the following

  • HRV | Heart Rate Variablity
  • RPAI | The relation of the human body’s nervous system and the natural beating pattern of your heart.
  • MSI | Myocardial salvage index which is the estimated recovery of blood flow from one part of your body to another.
  • BPM | Beats per minute your heart is running at.

The HRV function of the device is one of its most powerful features and can provide you detailed estimates on your heart function.  It should not be taken as an exact result but only as a insight into your HRV function.  If you have any concerns about your HRV or any other function of your heart – you should seek medical assistance and not rely on any single home device including the Cardiac Watch.

To exit this screen, tap the silver button until you get to the return screen, then hold the silver button down for two seconds and you will be returned to the screen from which you just came.

To learn more about Heart Rate Variability and why it’s an important tool in monitoring your cardiac health, visit our guide located here.


Important Disclaimer

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