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Using the Breathing Guidance Application

The fifth screen on your device is the breathing guidance / breathing coach feature.  This application is designed to assist you to self calm your breathing patterns using a timed process which instructs you to inhale and exhale on a controlled basis.

To access this feature – navigate to the screen as shown and hold your finger down on the silver button for two seconds until the app launches.

It will automatically then start the breathing guidance system.  Simply follow the inhale / exhale instructions on the screen for the duration of the test which is 120 seconds / 2 minutes.

This feature can be very effective for any situation where you feel anxiety, stress or short of breath.  It can also be very helpful to help calm yourself down if you feel like your heart is racing.  Similar to medication, you may also find it helpful to close your eyes, sit still and relax while the guidance feature takes place.


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