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Why Your Tracking Number May Not Work at First 

When your order is placed it goes to our shipping department which prepares your order.  Our software connects with the most efficient courier for delivery to you and can be UPS, FedEx or Canada Post.   As soon as the order is processed, the courier provides a tracking number to our system which automatically assigns it to your order and your account.

Your order is then manually packaged with the product you purchased, put in it’s box or envelope and then made ready for the courier to pick it up.

During this period, your tracking number may say that it is inactive or can’t be found – this is because the courier has not picked up your package for delivery yet or has not scanned it into their system.  ( Often a courier driver will pick up 50 packages from us on at a time and takes them to their processing depot of which it is then scanned there )

Once your order is scanned, it will then show in the system under your tracking number.  

How Long Does Shipping Take ?

All orders are typically processed 24 to 72 hours depending on what time and what day your order was placed.  Weekends, holidays and time orders were placed and confirmed will affect delivery times slightly.   Please allow between 5 and 12 days from the day your order was placed for your shipment to arrive depending on where you live in North America.



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