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How Long Does Shipping Take ?

All orders are typically processed 24 to 72 hours depending on what time and what day your order was placed.  Weekends, holidays and time orders were placed and confirmed will affect delivery times slightly.   Please allow between 5 and 12 days from the day your order was placed for your shipment to arrive depending on where you live in North America.

What Countries Do You Ship To ?

At this time we only sell and ship to the continental USA and Canada.  We hope to expand international shipping in the near future.

Do You Provide Tracking Numbers ?

Yes.  Once a shipping manifest is generated for your shipment, a tracking number is automatically generated and added to your account page.  You will receive an email informing of your package being on the way.

  Please note the the tracking number is created immediately upon order creation and is only activated once the courier scans the order and takes possession of it for delivery.


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