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Setting Up the App for the First Time

When you first install the app, it will guide you through the personalization process so you can customize the app to your personal needs.  Follow these steps to set up your watch and app.

NOTE FOR AMERICAN CUSTOMERS:  The app by default is set up using the metric system but can be changed once you get the set up process completed to imperial.   If you need assistance to convert pounds to kgs and inches to centimeters, you can use Google to quickly determine the converted values.

Step One

Select Your Gender

Step Two

Enter in your Birth Year

Step Three

Enter Your Height

Step Four

Enter Your Weight

Step Five

Enter your goal steps for a day.  For an active person, 3000 steps is an average goal. If you are less mobile or a senior, you can lower your goal.  You can always change this at any time in the future.

Step Six

Enter your goal sleep time.

Step Seven

Enter your typical bed time

Step Eight

Enter what time you like to get up.

Your App is set up and ready to use.  The next step is to sync it with your watch with the app and your smart phone.

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