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How Come My Payment Keeps Getting Declined ?

In some rare cases our credit card processing company may not authorize your purchase.  We use a third party secure company to process payments and they have their own security protocols when it comes to authorizing a payment.

In most cases, assuming there is adequate funds / credit on the card and it still being refused, the following reasons are most common.

  1. You are not entering the correct information about your card and yourself as required by your credit card company.  For example, if you enter the wrong associated address with your card, the bank will turn down the transaction as they are concerned it is a fraudulent request.
  2. Be sure to enter your name exactly as it appears on the card, as well as the correct date and number.
  3. A common issue is the security code on the back of the card being entered wrong.
  4. In some cases, your bank may want to verify if you are making an authorized charge at an unusual time ( such as at 3 am online for example )

Unfortunately, because we used a credit card processing service, we have no control over if they accept your payment method.  Our customer service team though can provide you with the code reason for the decline which can lead you in the right direction towards solving the issue.   Another solution is to contact your issuing bank.

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