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Navigating Features

Your Cardiac Watch has a single touch button that is used for accessing all the features of the device.  The silver button with the cardiac line is on the lower bottom of the screen of your watch and is touch sensitive.

  1. To Change Screens – to move around the various screens of the Cardiac Watch simply touch the silver button once.
  2. To Access the Screen You Are One – Once you are on the screen you want ( such as the heart detection screen ) HOLD YOUR FINGER TO THE SILVER BUTTON FOR TWO SECONDS and the applications associated with that screen will load.
  3. Once you are in the second screen ( or sub screen ) to the features you want – you can use the same procedure to maneuver through the available apps.

To Exit a Screen or App

To exit the screen or application you are viewing on the watch, tap the button until you get to the RETURN screen and then hold the silver button down until you return to the main screens of the watch.

Understanding the Screen and App Layout

At first you may find all the features of the Cardiac Watch a little confusing and overwhelming but once you get used to the watch, you’ll quickly find yourself understanding and exploring all it’s many features.

There are essentially two layers of features which are displayed as screen views on your watch.  The first layer can be thought of as a folder that contains the actual apps that make the watch function.   The second layer is the actual apps such as the ones that measure your heart beat and sleeping patterns.   The silver button moves you forward in cycling through the ” folders ” and ” apps “.  When you want to access an app – you simple hold down the silver button and it will access the program.

It will take a little time to get used to the way the watch works as there is a lot of technology and features packed into one small device but with a little practice and time you’ll quickly get the hang of it.


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