The Cardiac Watch

24/7 Monitoring

Like having the security of a medical professional monitoring your cardiac functions while providing you with critical data and updates on your cardiac function.


Having a heart condition or a reason to be concerned about your cardiac function can be stressful. The Cardiac Watch provides you the tools to keep an eye on how your body and heart is functioning by using precision, highly advanced optical sensors that monitor you while you wear it.

The Cardiac Watch

Track Your Results

The Cardiac Watch uses a powerful app that runs on your smart phone and provides you detailed insight into your cardiac functions.

The Cardiac Watch

Instant Reporting

The Cardiac Watch will tell you your pulse rate, monitor your blood pressure and track your heart's beating patterns when its on.

The Cardiac Watch

Simple to Use

Simply put the Cardiac Watch on and it will start working for you. No complicated manual to learn. Just wear it and it works.

Full Color Screen

The screen of the Cardiac Watch is one of the largest in it's class and is easy to read even in bright sunlight.

On Screen Heart Monitoring

Instantly see your current heart beat rate on the primary window of the watch.

One Button Navigation

Simple to use and navigate - a single button gets you to all the features of the Cardiac Watch.

On Screen Notifications

Receive phone and text notifications on your wrist instantly via your smart phone.

Step Tracking

Keep track of how many steps you take in a day and monitor your activity levels easily.

Multiple Faces

Easily change the face of the watch to meet your needs and lifestyle via the included app


The Cardiac Watch is the world's smartest smart watch designed to focus on your well being and cardiac function. Using sensitive high tech sensors against your wrist, the watch monitors and tracks how you are feeling 24 hours a day.

Heart Rate Monitoring

The cardiac watch uses ultra sensitive sensors to keep an eye on your heart's beating pattern and will let you know what your heart rate is with one touch of a button.

Heartbeat Analysis

When combined with the included app for your smart phone, you can see the historical heart beat patterns throughout the day including resting and maximum heart rates.

Arrhythmia Monitoring

The Cardiac Watch has the ability to monitor Heart Rate Variability and detect irregular or accelerated beating patterns while providing peace of mind when you're feeling concerned.

Blood Pressure Testing

Get a estimated blood pressure reading day or night in real time and track your history from the app on your smart phone.

Keep Fit Monitoring

The Cardiac Watch provides you the ability to monitor and track your cardiac function during any activity including running, walking and cycling modes.

Long Life Battery

The Cardiac Watch can on a single charge last up to 20 days on standby and 5-7 days for normal use. It's always on call when you need it.

The Cardiac Watch

HRV Testing and Monitoring

The Cardiac Watch features advanced EKG based Heart Rate Variability testing. This advanced features allow monitoring of over all health and cardiac condition including how your body is handling both physical and mental stress via the autonomic nervous system (ANS) and is a valuable tool in understanding how the body is recovering from periods of activity and can help you know when it's time to rest and time to move.

The Cardiac Watch

Stay Active While Staying Informed

Regain your freedom and confidence with the ability to track and check your heart rate, your variable heart rate and your estimated blood pressure instantly with the Cardiac Watch. Information is always at hand to help you understand what is going on inside your body.

The Cardiac Watch

Waterproof to 10 meters

The Cardiac Watch can keep up with your lifestyle including being waterproof to 10 meters. Wear it swimming, in the surf or just washing dishes with the confidence that it won't be affected by the water around it.

The Cardiac Watch

Built in Breathing Coach

The Cardiac Watch has a built in breathing guidance system perfect for self calming and for getting your breathing regulated. Whether for meditation or for helping calm anxiety and stress - you'll love your cardiac watch for when you just want to calm down.

The Cardiac Watch

Engineered for Today's Modern World...

The Cardiac Watch is a fully functioning smart watch that syncs with your phone. Read text messages, check the weather, call display, set an alarm and so much more all in the most value packed watch in the world.

The Cardiac Watch

The Perfect Fitness Heart Monitor

The Cardiac Watch provides real time heart beat monitoring for all types of activities ranging from walking to mountain climbing to cycling - and everything in between. Track your beats per minute, ECG function, Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and blood pressure.


What customers and reviewers are saying about the Cardiac Watch and the company behind it.


The first watch with the capacity to monitor variable heart rate conditions (VHR) and arrhythmia activity. A must have for anyone wanting to track their heart function and stay on top of their health...

The Cardiac Watch


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The Cardiac Watch

Smart Phone App Included

The Cardiac Watch comes with a powerful app that will connect your watch to your Apple or Android phone using Bluetooth. This will allow you to track and monitor all of your information being recorded by the device including your variable heart rate, blood pressure, heart beat and so much more.

The Cardiac WatchThe Cardiac Watch
The Cardiac Watch

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Important Information About the Cardiac Watch
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